A note for those outside Canada:


Unfortunately, due to this brutal War on Drugs, I am currently unable to send my amazing Snake Oil to anyone that is residing outside Canada.


Don't dispare! Although (in my opinion) Snake Oil is the best way to get the Cannabinoids into you, there it's nothing proprietary about it. You can use what ever form of concentrated Cannabis you have available to you. It is possible to find Cannabis Oil most places you can find Cannabis. It’s that sticky amber or green or black oil that people sometimes spread on papers to smoke. The important thing is to get a very large amount of the Cannabinoids into your system. If you can't find Cannabis Oil, use Hash instead. It won't be as palatable, but it will still work. Just remember, the lower quality the Cannabis concentrate is, the more you will need to use to get the same result.


When dealing with the concentrated oil, you can simply dip a tooth pick into the oil and suck on it. Build up to a large amount (~1 g/day) as quickly as you can comfortably do so. Then maintain that amount for at least 60 days. I also recommend that once you have rid yourself of the tumours, continue with the Cannabis treatment at a lower maintenance dose. It’s not always gone when you (or your doctor) think it is. Cannabis is a very safe and healthy addition to most peoples lives.