Hemp Oil? Are you sure?!?!

There is MASSIVE confusion about the terminology ''Hemp Oil''. When the general public hears ''Hemp Oil'', they equate that to ''Hemp Seed Oil''. Hemp Seed Oil has little medicinal value on it's own.

Rick Simpson keeps calling ''Cannabis Oil'', ''Hemp Oil''. Unfortunately he (and many others) have their terminology wrong. It is confusing the public that are trying to help their loved ones. The ''Hemp Oil'' that Rick is talking about is NOT Hemp Seed Oil! There are not enough Cannabinoids in Hemp Seed Oil to cure anything. The Cannabis Oil is known by several different names: Honey Oil, Hash Oil, Cannabis Oil, etc. It's all the same, the ''Essential Oil of Cannabis''. What ever kind of extract you are using to get the Cannabinoids into you doesn’t matter. Just get it into you.